Friday, November 4, 2011

Need Roland Parts?

While in the process of fixing a friend's TR-707 I found out something I think is rather amazing for a company today.  Roland still has parts in stock for products as old as the 707!  I was able to order a new DC socket from them directly for 2$ + 8$ shipping!

I did not see an equivalent on the US site, but if you're in Canada fill out a part request form here and they will reply promptly with the parts office phone number and the part number you need to provide.  It may be a good idea to get the part number from the service manual available here on synthmanuals.

While I sincerely appreciate the existence of the alternative ( since they have rare parts that Roland no longer has in stock, needing just the $2 part I was very happy to be able to get it from them directly.

Since they're shipping from Vancouver I will only have to wait about a week.  This is much better than the minimum 15 euro purchase + shipping (and waiting) from Europe!

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At December 3, 2011 at 2:12 AM , Blogger nitro2k01 said...

A DC socket seems like a very standard part. I'd be more surprised if they still have button and knobs in stock.


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