Friday, October 14, 2011

KORG iKaossilator Mini-Review / First Impressions

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I bought this and have played with it for 20 minutes this morning.

I have yet to read the manual so I might be missing stuff. I kind of like my first few days to have accidental discoveries before reading the manual.

- my new favorite sketchpad!
- I love the ability to experiment with new scales and keys. For me this app's biggest use will be learning new scales and then using them in other songmaking. A scale-limited x/y pad is so freeing for new ideas.
- the pattern mapper looks like a great way to work live. Too many iOS apps don't have a nice live interface for progressing through your loops. This is totally usable. - this, monotribe, and kaoss pad would be a great fun portable set up.

- While WIST is cool, now I need 2 ipods just to sync my monotribe. Couldn't we split the stereo out? Or toggle a sync clock via a dongle pin?
 - all parts forced to same key choice.
- no per-part volume control (just mute/solo)?
- HOW CAN I TURN OFF THE TEMPO SYNCED DELAY - I _HATE_ this about a lot of Korg stuff, they shove it down your throat.
- I wish I could import samples and have a simple sample playback machine.
- I wish there was a "tweak" knob per part that would increase distortion or cutoff or something without having to replay the part on the x/y pad and probably mess up the pitch/timing of the loop.
- some tiny bugs, like when touching the "loop length" very often it doesn't do anything. Maybe it's detecting a drag instead of a touch?

- a way to split the headphone out to be "audio output" on the L and "monotribe sync" on the R, or a dongle that could output monotribe clock.
- A way to turn off the damn reverb/delay!
- sample/loop import/export. It's a long shot but it'd be awesome.
- is WIST an open source protocol? It'd be great for 3rd party apps to support WIST, like beatmaker. Then I wouldn't need sample importing, just another ipod.

- in special FX there are some drum parts so you can make your own beats with 1 or 2 tracks of this played rhythmically
- a lot of the settings, if you touch and let go you will get a window to select a new patch, but if you drag right/left you can select a new patch or setting without leaving the main window.



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