Saturday, February 12, 2011

Monotron Acid Demo!

Korg MonoTron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer on zZounds

Threw this together this afternoon!

Monotron acid demo by Gravitronic

What you are listening to is two tracks of korg monotron, and some 909 drums via the excellent d16 909 emulation VST.

The first monotron track is MIDI sequenced from ableton live sent to a MIDI->CV converter and finally to the monotron, which has been modded and calibrated to approximately 1V/oct tuning. This is a 24-bar loop that is repeated a few times. There is reverb on this track to give it that acidy depth.

The second track is the 909 bass drum being sent through the monotron, and at the same time me playing the knobs on the front of the monotron for the second synth part. I can't get the monotron gate to open for the external input without playing the oscillator as well yet so I sort of needed to have that second synth part in there whether I wanted it or not.

I had to up to compress the audio and add quite a bit of gain in order to get this loud enough to post but other than that and the reverb this is pretty much raw. No work was done to try to reduce the noise floor, which after 2 tracks combined you really can hear it quite loud. Apparently changing the filter chip will reduce the hiss. Not sure if I'm going to do that or just leave it as it is.. its raw.

Mods to the monotron are as described in a previous blog post.

Korg MonoTron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer on zZounds


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