Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TM3030 Update!


Did the logos/cases for the 2 TM3030s and also the Korg Monotron breakout box :D. Boards almost finished, need to do big caps, rare parts, and wait on 1 "new" rare part shipped from hong kong. Should have everything else finished by it's arrival.


I do the frontpanels with the cheapest method known to man. I make the labels with Inkscape, print them with a laser printer, cut them to size, and use "Polymer Medium (Gloss)" as both the glue and coating to protect the label. Use a paintbrush and cover both the back of the logo and the top of the case, not too thick. Then lightly press the paper to remove any bubbles and let excess gloss exit sides and be removed.

Let it dry a bit before applying the top coat. Your paper may be transparent a bit while the gloss underneath is drying and the results look like they'll be terrible but when it dries the paper becomes opaque again. Note: when pushing out bubbles or extra gloss do not press too hard or you will make a blemish. Look at the monotron breakout box for what I mean, the dark spot is where I used a ruler to press the paper down to remove the bubble. Don't do that, just gently use your fingers.

Coat well on top to protect and seal the logo.

After it's dry, you can drill out the holes. Be careful while drilling, sometimes the logo will rip a bit. As long as it's not much it'll be covered by the knob or jack anyways.

It's not pro but I can do labels for pennies this way and the result is pretty nice. If you used a thicker stock paper you'd probably get better results.



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