Sunday, December 5, 2010

MFOS Soundlab

Just about finished this synth project. More info on the Music From Outer Space Soundlab can be found here. Yes it's a ratsnest inside but there was no real alternative to get this synth into this small a case. There's a ton of point to point wiring you have to do on the panel components, and for that reason I'd never build another one of these.

Still need to find and fix squarewave LFO problem and noise problem. It's probably the same problem the way they're interacting.

The sub-oscillator doesn't work. I thought I could just feed the squarewave output to the 4024 but apparently I'm missing something. Will know when my oscilloscope probes arrive.

My goal here is to move past these toys and start a modular. It's the end-all synth if I'm working on analogs. Having the ability to swap filters is too exciting compared to what I'm working with on these minisynths.

That being said my next project is a pair of Oakley TM3030's for myself and a producer friend.

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