Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Modules to start making in EAGLE

Seems like a good idea would be to make software that could convert from PDF/GIF/JPEG to drill plans.

Also look here for cheap parts

For panel engraving with CNC

This Page seems to have a ridiculous number of modules.

Minimoog and dual-MS20 filters from this site:

Maybe more details here for minimoog vcf:

Scott Stites' page has details re: HP output on the MS20 filter.

VCO-1 would be great but has no saw output. No good. Maybe can waveshape it?
TH SN synth looks really fun as a synth or module. I think I will do that eventually but not first. First I want warm vintage-sounding VCO.

  • JH Living VCO
    • 3 VCOs, 27e for board, not 12v, saw & pulse out
    • Good choice, cheap board for 3 VCOs (27e), but big panel needed
  • Teezer
    • 1 VCO, $35 for board, 12v,
    • Good unique sound but more expensive at $35/OSC

  • Sheboygan
    • TH design, 12v?, Sine, Triangle, Square, Pulse, Ramp, -1 suboctave, and -2 suboctave
  • Ken Stone VCO
    • This site shows another take on this without the waveshapers. I'd want the waveshapers.

  • TH 566 VCO
    • This mentions using a tri->saw converter. Could add that to the VCO-1?

Need ADSR (PAIA dual?) Need LFO - MFOS VCLFO Need VCAs - MFOS VCA - Decide VCAs based on info found here. Need mixer S&H Need slew generator 808/909 BD/SD? Maybe MFB?

To use up my parts I have:

BA6110 based VCA? Apparently I can get plans for this from tony allgood (oakley modular) for a few $

PTC2399 VC echo?

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