Sunday, February 6, 2011

Modded Korg Monotron

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This is my work in progress modified Korg Monotron.

So far I have the pitch/filter CV and gate wired up, still have to do audio in/out and make the power supply as mentioned by the DIN-Sync blog.

To fix the pitch CV tracking issue thus far I have removed resistor R11 as described along with tons of other information on Steve Woodward's blog.

For the audio output I plan on using the pre-amp output which will hopefully be less noisy than the headphone out! This is described in an Unofficial Monotron Forum thread.

As well as adding input/output I plan on fixing the "click" at the end of the notes as described by Scott Willingham in a Muffwiggler forum post.

Unfortunately I'm dealing with an issue other people haven't mentioned much which is that the synth seems to pick up my hand's proximity and it effects pitch and filter cutoff frequency quite a bit. Makes it hard to tweak, although you can "play" it a bit just by waving your hand! I'd like to fix this but am not sure where to start... I read somewhere that someone tried wrapping it with aluminum tape to protect, I might try that as I have some from an xbox360 RROD fixing attempt.

Buy a Korg MonoTron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer on zZounds


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