Sunday, January 8, 2012

DJPad: WebOS DJ App for HP TouchPad released!

I have just released a DJ app for the TouchPad. It's called DJPad and it's available right now in the App Store.

It's a 100% PDK app and is very fast. It gets around 40ms latency on the TouchPad. I wrote my own DSP routines.

In it's current form it is rather barebones. As long as the app sees support I will add features.

Right now it features:
- plays 2 MP3s with +/-8% pitch control and simple (set, recall) cue points.
- mixer with 3 band EQ, crossfader, auto-normalization
- simple "Scratch" ability (drag finger over waveform)

I have a ton of plans for features including:
-split L/R output for cueing in one ear / master mix in the other, or for deck 1 out L and deck 2 out R for using an external mixer.
- better, configurable GUI with parallel waveforms and circular "scratch" discs.
- FX
- proper playlist support, with auto-mix functionality

Please download and rate, and most of all.. if you buy it and are unhappy please request features and I will see what I can do!

For feature requests please use the forum thread on WebOS Nation.


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