Thursday, September 29, 2011

My DIY CNC Build Log: Part 1, Assembly

This is Part 1 of the build log for my MyDIYCNC kit.  I took part in the Kickstarter for around $400 and received a complete CNC kit.  I plan to use it for modular synth milled circuit boards and aluminum frontpanels.  You can read Part 2 here.

Day 1

I picked up my kit last night and started.  I got this far: (image)

So far it's going quite well!  To clarify one thing in the step-by-step instructions, when assembling the frame be sure that the top frame pieces have their side holes positioned pointing towards the outside, and they should be oriented such that the holes are closer to the "back" of the frame rather than the "front" in order to match the finished CNC images.  I got lost in the wording that is on that page now, hopefully that explains it better.. not sure :)

Other than that to get the rods into the rubber grommets I found the easiest thing to do was slightly twist them as forcing them into place.  Not a lot of twist as I didn't want to slice the rubber, but it got them in without creating any new problems.

Click to read more about the DIY CNC construction and problems encountered.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

First modular PCB designed!

It's the old adage, best become a dealer to support your habit. My plans for a small-scale modular fabrication lab in my garage are in full swing. My MyDIYCNC kit is half built, hopefully finished over the weekend. Below is my first modular PCB design. It's a true spring reverb driver module. It drives the sound through a widely available spring reverb tank like the MOD 9EB2C1B Reverb Tank from Amazon, with adjustable EQ, mix, and drive settings. I did not design the circuit, it came from this muffwiggler forum thread. I plan on releasing the EAGLE design files to the public once this is finished! Some pictures! (Sorry for thumbnails, it's that or the wide images break my blogger template)

Before selling modules I need to sort out an HPLV spray gun & compressor tank for painting the metal panels before etching, but other than that it's all things I've done before. Exciting! After this I think my next module will be a true tube overdrive/distortion, then some classic filters. I'm looking to build an tonally incomparable FX rack :) Interested in purchasing any of my built modules? Contact me!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

New setup, monotribe & TR-707 video

Recorded this last night. Monotribe through Boss Heavy Metal HM-2 and Digital Delay DD-3, synced with Roland TR-707 trigger a Tama Techstar TS-204.